Leave Out, Lace Closure, or Lace Frontal

Leave out, lace closure, or lace frontals is a question I think every girl that loves hair extensions have asked herself. 

Here we are going to discuss the benefits of each.

Leave Out 

Leave outs are lovely and I love them however I only do leave-out installs in the winter time because I am a natural hair girl, and my hair can start to revert back to its natural state if its presses out. But it can be done if your natural hair is trained, my hair isn't. Constantly putting heat on your natural hair can damage it. 



Leave out sewins are nice because they give a more realistic look to your installs. You will probably get a lot of people ask you "Is that all your hair?' Depending on how well your leave out is blended. 

However if you are relaxed, you can just put setting foam on your leave out, brush it, and then be done, no heat required. 

Lace Closures 

Lace closures are one of my favorite options because they are low mainteance, can mimic a frontal, all while being cheaper than a frontal. 

They come in an array of sizes, each that can help you achieve a different look. 

Image result for lace closureLace Frontals 

Lace frontals are gorgeous and recently became more popular over the course of the past few years. 

I believe frontals a great for temporary wear, as well as creating certain looks. 

I personally dislike frontals because of the effort it requires on a daily to keep it looking decent. A frontal can go left really quick and have you looking like a fool with a bad weave. I've personally have been victimized by frontals. 

They are also expensive and don't last as long as the other methods mentioned above. 


Image result for wavy lace frontal