Installing Your Brillare Tresses

Once you receive your Brillare Tresses, you want to find a reputable hair stylist that can install your hair for you. You've already invested into your crown might as well take it all the way. Here in the video below you can see the stylist braids the clients hair with small and neat braids.

There are many benefits to having small and neat braids.

  • Installs Last Longer
  • Easier install maintenance  
  • Shorter Drying times 
  • Easier to take care of natural hair under installs 

After the hair is braided down, the scalp is then oiled and a net is placed over the hair. Keep in mind that whether your hairstylist leave uses a net or not is completely up the to stylist and doesn't mean that your stylist isn't a good one. 

If you notice during the video, the stylist leaves out a little but of hair out at the nape of the neck, this is done to prevent to much pulling and tension on one of our scalps most sensitive areas. 

Sew through the weft or around the weft. 

It is always best to sew around the weft, sewing through the weft will cause more shedding. Shedding of hair is natural because our natural hair sheds, but excessive shedding is something that can be avoided with proper care. Sewing around the wefts will minimize shedding and allow install take downs to be easier. 


Hair Styling 

Hair styling is just as or even more important than the install. A stylist that KNOWS how to cut bomb layers, are a gem, because its all about the cut Honey!!

Ask your stylist whats her cutting techniques, ask to see photos of some layers she has done, is that the look you're going for?